Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And Enter Milton/Miguel

UPDATE: Just got a call from a good work friend telling me his friend was asking for my number. Turns out it was the one and only Milton...or Miguel...or whatever his REAL name is, the fry cook at my job, not to mention the room mate of one of my ex's (whom we will call Chia for the shear fact he had a tiny member and a big bush. Huge, one could get lost in there and then have to clear their way out with a machete. I thought maybe there was more to his junk and it was just drowning in bush, but, alas, there wasn't. It was like a turtle head peeking out of its shell...I think that's enough description). Chia was the guy I was serious about before B.
Complete. Asshole.
He didn't know how to be with a girl in the first place, and his own insecurities juxtapose his seemingly out of place self worth created a tedious relationship for us both.
We still work together.
I do not like him.
However, I have always had a thing for his sexy room mate, not knowing at first it was his room mate. So, you can't blame me.
I guess Milton/Miguel got word that I found him attractive and asked our mutual friend for my number.

This should be interesting.

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