Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Facebook Status

"I'm  tired of being objectified, wearing heels and make-up, basing my ego on a man's scale, dealing with slutty men as well as haters from the SAME gender, having the media bombard me with images of who I should be and what I should look like. I dont want to be a girl anymore :-( "

This status started an interesting discussion on sexism and the society''s portrayal and treatment of women. I'll replay it here:

Dana: What? That's crazy! You don't have to do all that, we just do it because it's fun!
Lev: If I go into a club without heels or make-up on, id be considered a dog. No guys would come talk to me, and you know what that means, Dana? NO free drinks!! lol. 
No, I wear heels b/c they make me look taller and thinner, so I can try and fit into what the media portrays. We are suppose to be skinny and pretty. Personality counts for shit. Im tired of it. I would love to be a guy, just for one week. Not give a shit, use women, eat all I want bc it doesnt matter if Im fat, throw on a shirt and some jeans in the morning, muss up my hair and be ready for my day. To feel fine no matter what I looked like. It'd be nice. I want to meet somebody looking my worst. Maybe then Ill know they love me for who I am and not who I paint myself to be.
Teressa: Yeh, its fun until its expected of us...
Beth: well i met my baby's daddy when i didnt have any makeup on and a baggy t-shirt and jeans.... so smile harty! :) those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind!
Lev: Teressa, EXACTLY! Perfect word: EXPECTED.
Bethy, I love that quote and will always remember it, thank you :]
Im not saying that I was seeing a guy and the sight of me without make-up made him jet. lol. Im more saying that its how we are port
rayed, and therefore, thats what is EXPECTED of us. I read an article about a certain female comedian who I absolutely hate talking about giving all of her guy friends bjs and writing a Halloween list of costumes saying that if someone gives you a big candy bar (meaning no fun sizes) that means you are fat and should go home and cry. She also told her "haters" to take the sandwiches out of their mouths and go for a walk. It shocked and hurt me because it gives out this image of women like if we aren't a size 2 we should just go die. I dont hate this comedian b/c shes pretty. I dont even hate her b/c shes a whore. I hate her bc she furthers the stereotype that women can only be worth anything if they are pretty, give it up easily and cater to men. There was also an article on this Duke student who wrote her thesis on her sex life at Duke. Great editorial for a magazine, but to use your sexual experiences to get ahead in your education shows that you are pretty worthless and gives us all a bad name. So, for all you women who use sex and appearence to get ahead in life and depict us as nothing more than sexual objects who must cater to the male's who already see us as nothing more than someplace to put their dicks, thanks for setting the rest of us back 50 years.

And I mean it! 

"Love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies." 
                                                   ---John Donne

Now to watch some Kevin Hart stand-up, 

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  1. I agree. But think of the fun us girls are allowed to have with our makeup, shoes, and clothes. Boys just don't get the options we do, and their clothes are usually pretty boring. Unless they're gay.

    But yeah it definitely gets annoying.

    The thing that really kills me is all the hair removal methods we have to put up with. All the waxing and plucking, and the creams that don't work.